We are Moving to Maine!

Our View From the Porch

Our View From the Porch

It’s starting to feel real.

It’s sneaking up on me … like a train barreling down the tracks!

Today I had a lovely chat with a parent on my way out to my afternoon post at school. A parent that I really don’t know very well. She heard that I was leaving after this year. I confirmed that I was leaving. Her response was that she was really “disappointed”. I told her that I will be very sad to leave but that we were building our dream home on our beloved lake and it seemed the right time to leave. I was touched that a parent was going to be sad that I won’t be back. It occurred to me that I have made a mark and I have made a difference and that’s a wonderful feeling.

My goal was to make the Woodlands clinic a safe place for students when they aren’t feeling well. What the one mom helped me to realize is that I have also created a safe place for the parents who trust me to care for their children. I feel proud that I’ve been successful and in the process I’ve become very attached to the kids … even the “frequent fliers!”

It’s been almost eight years since my last move from Cincinnati to Orlando. It was a big move with a lot of change rolled into it. From married to single, from employed to unemployed, from home to apartment, from children living at home to living alone, from four seasons to (maybe) two. It was a huge challenge. HUGE! But I have done it and built a life for myself and I have been happy here. This next move may not be so “huge” but it still won’t be easy. I worked for a long time to find friends and a job here. I will be sad to leave my friends and my Woodlands family.

Every time I’ve moved, I’ve built a new life for myself. The next move will be with the man I love and our blended (mostly four-legged) family. We are looking forward to building our dream home on the shores of our beloved lake, Messalonskee. There are no blueprints to building a life but I know it’s possible and I am looking forward to our next chapter.

This is the first blog of many. We anticipate chronicling our adventure as we both share our experiences here on our blog. And a picture of the day!

We’re moving to Maine!

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