I’m Here…And I Don’t Have To Leave

upstairs (1 of 1)As a vacation home, the stays here have been temporary. After a couple of days of opening camp, a blissful few weeks (or more) of summer fun. Then work and commitments call and adios. Cover the furniture and beds with plastic to keep the mice from building nests

(and avoid damage from roof leaks), close the shutters, get rid of the food. mouse skull (1 of 1)One year we found pasta in the center of a large, rolled up, hand braided rug. The mice were hoarding. No damage but quite interesting. I will miss those kind of forensic investigations, deducing evidence of things unseen, finding mice nests in trunks.

maine (1 of 2)But now…it’s spring, buds budding, ice melting, the last vestiges of snow hiding in the recesses of the landscape…and there is no exit date. When summer is over I will be here to rake leaves and pick apples.  I had better build a house with insulation but this is no longer a temporary stay. No longer a summer house. Interesting. I can get rid of yards of plastic sheeting. No more boarding up windows or moth balls or mice bait, which is poison for dogs-the remedy being a tablespoon or so of hydrogen peroxide…and wait a minute for the expulsion.

I’m here…

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