Picture of the Day and the Critters

Picture of the Day 4/30/15

Picture of the Day 4/30/15

Last summer when we were here, I posted a picture of the day on my Facebook page. It began as a reminder for me that this place was special and beautiful and alive with change. I could stand at the same spot on the porch and take a different picture every day. Amazing!

Also amazing, was the reaction that I got. People commenting on the beauty of the place, the view, etc. There were some who even made me promise that I’d do it again this summer and those who commented regularly about missing the pictures once we had returned to Florida.

Well, I’ve started it again and I am reminded that this place is different. I’m not sure what it is that keeps pulling us here and what makes us so much more aware of our surroundings, but I feel like this is my church. A place where I can go outside (or just lie in bed in the morning) and listen to God speak to me through the loon calls, the wind, the rain on the roof or the trickle of the stream. There is only one other place where I’ve felt like this and it was (coincidentally?) also in Maine at my summer camp. It was a special, spiritual place, too. Perhaps because I was authentically myself there and without the strong arm of my parents? Whatever it is or was, it makes this place  very special and it truly feels like home.

IMG_4580This morning we saw our “critter” swimming up the lake. We’re still not sure if it’s the same critter all the time or what it is. We know we have a beaver dam up the lake so it may be a beaver. We also have seen a muskrat family who was living in/around our boathouse. We’ve seen smaller critters, too, on the other side of the house that we thought were minks but we think they were actually something else. Our critter is difficult to identify at a distance when it’s swimming.

IMG_4581 IMG_4582

Today we had a propane delivery so we are truly cooking with gas. The water pump is fixed (don’t ask how the acorns got into the water pipes!) and we have hot water and plenty of it. Ned’s been outside cleaning up the yard and cleaning out the garage so we can store the furniture from the big house during construction. He also hopes to get the water to the guest house working. Monk loves being out in the yard but today he’s tied up so he can’t take off like he did yesterday. The littles are inside barking at the leaves blowing. That’s enough outdoors for them.

My goal today is to clean the guest house and to do some baking. Since we won’t have an oven once we’re in the guest house, I want to use up the flour and other supplies that we brought up from Florida … waste not, want not! (That’s my dad speaking! LOL)

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