As it turns out, my beloved summer camp has stood the test of time on a sea of boulders and in spite of floors inclined towards the lake or the occasional boulder inching up into the master bedroom, the structure was sturdy albeit creaky. Floor joist were seemingly resting precariously on cairns, rocks, and concrete pavers. Frost walls cannot go around or over this collection of igneous rock so much has to be removed around the perimeter, some rocks are settled and will be left under the slab. In an effort to clear up the site, Tom (contractor) has rented two rock drillers,(in addition to two 19 year olds, who may now claim the title of rock hound) to bore holes into the offending rock which will then be filled with Dexpan, an demolition grout with 18,000psi expansive strength. This slurry of chemicals should expand enough to crack the rocks into manageable  pieces. But managing these bouncing 80 lb pneumatic drillers while surefooted on the ground is one thing but climb onto a five foot high boulder and it becomes a comic exercise reminiscent of The Three Stooges, except that failure will certainly result in actual pain. Just ask our young rock hounds.

Not one to turn down a new experience, especially on my birthday, I can attest to the difficulty of handling these air powered drills. Fortunately with two drills and four people it was less grueling than expected.

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