Breaking Rocks Takes a lot of Time

We’ve been taking baby steps every day. Making slow but sure and noisy (VERY noisy) progress.

We discovered that under the old house there are lots and lots of huge boulders. Most not a big problem that can be shuffled around and used as fill under the new house. BUT because we’re on the edge of the most beautiful lake in Maine … or the world … we can’t blast it out and one rock (it was visible) is giving us a real fight!

The first day of drilling.

The first day of drilling … with the hand machine

The guys have been drilling by hand and then by machine for what seems like days and days. It’s noisy and slow going. But they’re making progress (as I watch huge chunks of granite being dumped into the yard).


Big Drilling Machine June 3

Ned’s having a wonderful time. We have three big machines in the yard at any one time and he’s been known to climb into them, turn the key and move them around … and he has informed me that he’s in love with granite. Oh boy! (I’m smiling!)

Meanwhile, I’ve been working at my new part-time gig at the Yardgoods Center in Waterville. It’s a family business that has been in operation for 65 years! I’m working on the yarn side helping knitters, crocheters and countless other fiber and craft enthusiasts to find their next project. Or talking them through a sticky spot in a project. I’ve met some wonderful people and am having a blast! Yesterday was my first time alone in the store and I only had to call Joyce twice! (And Bette once!) I’m so pleased to have been asked to come on board this summer!

Ned had a birthday on 5/29. I wrapped his presents in matching Amazon boxes! We were going to go out to dinner but after drilling all day he asked to order pizza and stay in. I was happy to oblige with pizza and a freshly baked strawberry rhubarb pie from the “girls” at the Green Spot.

I am filled with gratitude for the hard-work being done in order to build our new home. I can’t wait to start seeing it go up! We live in Maine!

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