Happy Summer, Campers!

My Summer Camp

My Summer Camp

We are within earshot of two summer camps here on Messalonskee. Strains of music and an occasional cheer travel over the water from the music camp across the lake. Sometimes we are proud to receive visitors by water on their annual cross-lake swim. Last night after Ned went to bed I listened to the kids at the camp behind us. The counselors arrived yesterday and camp begins soon.

It was fun remembering the anticipation of my arrival at camp and the excitement I felt. I’d waited nearly a year since I’d seen my friends (unless we were really lucky and we got to visit each other during the year which didn’t happen often.) We wrote letters back and forth a few times but it wasn’t the same as being together at camp. I recall wondering if there would be new campers and whether I’d fit in. Would there be new “alliances”? What cabin would I be in? Would there be a special boy?

A Very Special Community

A Very Special Community

My parents always drove us up to camp. It took FOREVER to get there despite it being about a five hour drive from Connecticut to Maine. But when we finally arrived there was always somebody there with a huge welcoming smile and an even bigger hug. I loved camp and it made me smile last night listening to their excited voices and remembering that special community that is still lodged in a special place in my heart. I knew they were catching up on the past year with their “Audrey” and they were so happy to be back at camp.

Happy summer, campers! We hope you have the most wonderful time evah!

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