I’m Just Beaming…

So we spent a day cutting and nailing headers together. Getting ready. In a professional kitchen,(it works well in the home also,)  that would be “getting your shit together”, or “mise en place”, in its place. When service starts you want your food out as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are not the same time constraints in construction, aside from the fact that snow will fall in a couple of months and shelter is desirable. So I spent an hour or so cutting 2×6’s to stud length…(89 7/8″, if you’re interested), about 140 of them. Tom cut 2×10’s for headers for the various windows and doors, wood was stacked close to where we would need it, sweep the floor, snap a chalk line. What you can do in one day, when you’re organized, is impressive.

framing day 1 from Ned Warner on Vimeo.

Day Two..continue on soldier…

Day Three…Wherein 6 men lift and place…kinda like clean and jerk…a 850 lb, 24 ft., Parallam PSL Engineered Wood Beam ( “A great room can be even greater”).

“Parallam is made from clipped veneer strands laid in parallel alignment and bonded with adhesive. .. the world’s only commercially manufactured and marketed parallel strand lumber product.”



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