Get Woody


drawings (1 of 1)-2                                                                                                                Lake view

Here are the plans that were drawn up.  Last summer I sat down with my architect, Bob Hayford, over the course of a month or so and hashed out our needs and wants, blended that with the conditions of the town, and came up with some drawings. Just the bare minimum of drawings but Tom was ok with that. Of course that means a lot of computations on his part, stringer lengths, window choices, meetings and phone calls with Dave at Hammond (he must be on speed dial), revisions and decisions. So far so good. (Thank you Dave for the pastries). I barely know how to lay out a wall so I can’t imagine the calculations for the wood, load limits, board feet, etc. Like anything it comes with experience.

drawings (1 of 1)

This is day 4 & 5, set to music that although wonderful,  is quit overused for this sort of thing…so my apologies to Signore Giachino Rossini.

day 4 from Ned Warner on Vimeo.



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