In Which we Precede Ourselves


Thanks to Edward Pearl, Friends of Messalonskee, for the great photo from the water!

We went to our first bean hole supper last night which preceded our first Friend of Messalonskee Annual Meeting. It seems that almost everyone there knew our website and house. It was heartening and energizing to meet other neighbors who love our lake as much as we do. The volunteers are incredibly well-spoken and are making a big (dare I say, huge) impact on the health of our lake. It was impressive to hear first-hand about the fundraising efforts being made. Ned and I are looking forward to getting more involved as we are able. We are so grateful to live in such a caring and active community. We felt very welcome last night and that was great!

Meanwhile on the Homefront, we are making progress. The walls are mostly covered with plywood and the majority of the roof is also covered. We think that by the end of the week we will be completely under cover. I, personally, am eager to get the porch added to the front (or the back?) of the house. I miss my mornings on the porch and the view! We both  miss having a normal-sized kitchen and the screened porch for our evening cocktail.

We have been enjoying watching the spectators “by sea” from the little cabin on the hill. This must be what people mean when they say it’s like living in a fish bowl! We get a good giggle at our house being the spectacle on the lake. We really aren’t big into being the object of everone’s attention. But we are adjusting. We are looking forward to the house being done and having some new activity to pull the focus away from us! It’s hilarious watching boats make circles in front of OUR house! Or zooming down the lake only to cut their engine right in front of us. We are being amused as we are amusing!

I want to clear up a perceived misconception. Our house is not one square inch bigger than the old house. We were not allowed to expand at all because of our proximity to the lake. We were grandfathered to rebuild at the same square footage under roof and we have done that. We did voluntarily move the house back five feet from the lake shore. We felt that would be better for the lake and perhaps make the town and the DEP happier.

We are thankful to those of you who have made comments and have been so supportive. We appreciate your thoughts. Maybe it’s time for us to get the dock in so we can actually invite people in for a tour?

3 thoughts on “In Which we Precede Ourselves

  1. Rick Rockwell

    Nice post…funny how the work “majority” came out as “Amorites” and you may want to be prepared to clear that up. The Amorites were from Mesopotamia (now Syria) and not particularly nice people. Not much has changed in 5,000 years…still rapists and murderers.

    Please show us a side by side of before and after!!!!

    So excited to see you!


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