Mass = Anticipation + Snow


Gravity, (”the Earth sucks”, literally), and small crepuscular furry rodents, are joining forces to rain down upon my land, at all times of the day, with no warning for what could be a painful convergence – acorns. Similar in some way to the yearly Persid meteor shower, randomness and regularity somehow showing up together, the small orbs manage to strike a variety of materials which by necessity litter my lawn. 100 year old beams, aluminum staging, a diesel two-man lift, aluminum, canvas, plastic, cardboard, grass.  If you got hit on the head with a falling oak nut  would you think it happened “to” you or “for” you? And would it hurt?

(Assuming the mass of the acorn is .005kg , and is dropped from a height of 10 m, then the velocity just before impact is 14m/s. The kinetic energy just before impact is equal to its gravitational potential energy at the height from which it was dropped-K.E. = .49 J, leading to an average impact force  F= 4.9N….I’m just saying)

I heard something one time about Mainers enjoying summer till  July 4th or so, then preparing for winter.  At the time I couldn’t quite understand.  Now , having been here  five months, and not having spent a winter in the far north since college at Syracuse,  I am beginning to prepare, at least mentally, and I can see that the natural world is also. A neighbor has finished splitting wood for this season and has taken delivery of 3 or 4 chords of green wood for next year.  I have also put up some wood but only because we had to take down a tree and it would be wasteful in this place to let wood rot. Snowblowers and canning supplies are being advertised in Sunday newspaper inserts which oddly don’t appear in Florida papers.

I wake before the sun rises and the frequency of falling acorns has increased to where its a game now to imagine what exactly the small nut hit on its path that gravity and perhaps eager chipmunks have propelled it on.  But acorns weren’t falling a several weeks ago when the hummidity was like a sauna, the box of salt almost falling apart because as you probably know, salt is hygroscopic. Autumn approaches, critters stuff their cheeks, or nests or whatever they stuff with food, wood is being delivered.  Soon leaves will color and fall in a mass vertical exodus.

Insulation is almost complete as is plumbing and electrical rough in. Perhaps a plumbing inspection next week then drywall. I will spend today and tomorrow staining cedar shakes from the lift so the porch can be started. The list of things to do, or buy, or make continues expanding, anxiety gnaws at me. (“Take me away Calgon.”)  I make decisions and quickly forget. What would the Donald do?


“Shakes Alive Melvin!” from Ned Warner on Vimeo.

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