I am so grateful to be a witness to the beauty of the days here on Messalonskee. The view from my studio on the second floor yesterday afternoon was awesome. In its truest sense, awesome. In the late afternoons we are treated to the most incredible show of Nature’s magic. My quick iPhone shot yesterday doesn’t begin to do it justice.

Ned took a photograph last year that is much more accurate. The opposite shore all lit up with the setting sun is what catches our breath!


The flowers that Ned’s mother planted ages ago are coming up again. As are the hosta and day lilies. We are planting some new lilies of the valley to replace the old ones that were lost when we built the new house. I love the yellow iris and feel so grateful that we are now full-time stewards of this piece of our planet.


We have built a small raised vegetable garden this year and are looking forward to seeing the plants grow. We can’t wait to share this wonderful place with visiting friends and family this summer. The house always seems happiest when it’s full. Full of our children, in particular. Maybe it’s simply a reflection of when we are the happiest.

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