We have good news on Messalonskee! We have new baby loons!

Two of our nesting pairs have hatched healthy chicks. Our pair in the “marsh” has hatched two chicks and the pair on Pratt Island has one chick.

Gary Bennett, Captain Gary of Snow Pond Cruises shared some photographs taken by Peter Agnes this past weekend, when the single chick was a mere 12 hours old.


We love our chicks!

Please maintain headway speed through the narrows, watch for loons on the lake and give them lots and lots of room, particularly if they’re new parents! Please help us help keep baby loons coming and leave no wake within 200 feet of the shore.


1 thought on “Babies!

  1. Gary Bennett

    Thanks Linda, it’s such a joy to watch “Jordan”, from Pratt Island and “Sam” and “Sandy” from a Loon Cove develop from day to day. Peter and I will be going down to the Messalonskee Lake Marsh on Friday to check on the families down there. More pictures soon.



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