her story

Ned and I met at summer camp in Washington, Maine (way back when) in the 1970s. I remember waiting for the “boys” to come up to camp at mealtime, sitting on the porch railing outside of the dining hall, having driven over from the “girls” camp. We started dating the year we were both counselors. I turned 18 that summer and he was my first true love …

Circa 1976 Vickie, Linda, Ned and Kathy

Circa 1976 Vickie, Linda, Ned and Kathy

After two years of dating, he says that I dumped him. I don’t remember why, but have no reason to believe it was any other way. We both went on with our own lives, married, had families.  Within a week of deciding that my marriage was over, I got a phone call. It had been thirty-ish years since I’d heard his voice and I may have let a few choice, four-letter words slip through my lips! I’d often wondered how he was, where he was. I even thought I saw him once in the course of our travels. We had lunch in October. A few letters, emails and phone calls and I found myself in love all over again. The first time we said “I love you” was awkward because we’d both been wounded but once it was out there it didn’t take much to convince me that I should move to Florida and see what happened when we lived in the same town.

Our View From the Porch

Our View From the Porch

We spent our summers in Maine and each year as we packed up to head south we realized that we hated having to leave and yearned for our little house on the shores of Messalonskee (aka Snow Pond). In the summer of 2014 we took a huge leap and applied for a building permit to replace the old house we love so much with a new house where we can stay all year. We have house plans, a builder and we are moving to Maine. We’re building a home together, a life together and it’s all falling into place as if it’s someone else’s plan.

1 thought on “her story

  1. Arlene G. Magee

    Oh my, Linda and Ned… Your stories, surrounding beauty; lives resurrected, past to present… warmth to my heart!! Your photo denotes a wee difference in age? ;O) Surmise he’s already a counselor. Thank you for sharing your joyous life via cyberspace! God works in mysterious ways! And… your presence is SORELY missed in the corner house across Eastern Fork! 😦 The one next to mine’s still empty! Buy it…? And return when you crave the “tropics”…!! My Love & All God’s Blessings! ~~~ Arlene



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