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I like the word “backstory”. It an obvious word. Not bloated with obscure references or a latin conjugation of a verb intransitive or extraterrestrial sid quo non. Not all definitions are as obvious. The backstory involved here consists of 57 or so summers spent in this house and surrounding environs in a rural community in Central Maine. The history of this area fills my memories. The Giffords ice cream stand used to be Rummels…I rode a pony where that double wide is…that house used to be our post office /general store with a wall of small metal and glass boxes, a reach in Coca-cola cooler, and a cheese wheel the size of a small car. I drive by these memories, exercising my recall, marveling at my invisible tethers. And then the idea of living amongst these histories catches hold and I marvel at how lucky I am to be able to co-exist with them. The few friends and acquaintances I developed from those times are gone but the lure is still large and real.

I sit on the porch, cold and tired after a 24 hour drive, and realize I don’t want to be anywhere else. The quiet is astounding and awe inspiring. Certainly amplified after years living within a mile or so of a busy urban interstate highway. Here the sounds are dulled by distances. A dog barking a mile across the lake is not the same annoyance as in urban life. Chain saws, gunshots, a siren, are transformed by the faintness of their urgency. I still find snowmobiles and personal watercraft abhorrently intrusive.

So I will return here in 3 weeks with the love of my life to build anew, amidst the chickadees and loons and mooses. I will share this new life with a girl that knew me back when I was but a mere grasshopper. I am grateful.

6 thoughts on “his story

  1. Alison

    Love the thought of your blog as you build your dream home on the shores of Messalonskee. We live on the lake and are so eager to hear your plan. Will you be posting pictures of your ultimate home design and pictures of the progress?
    Best wishes on your adventure!


  2. Carol Billington

    We watch your progress from the other side of the lake. Ours are probably the barking dogs you often hear! I’m sure your new home will be as enchanting as your wonderful love story!

    Gordy and Carol Billington


    1. lindarockwell3 Post author

      Thank you! We love the barking dogs and often ask our dogs if there are “cousins in trouble”! They’re always on alert! We’d love to invite you over by water but we haven’t gotten our dock in this summer for obvious reasons. Maybe it’s time! We look forward to meeting you!


  3. Arlene G. Magee

    Miss you here; wish you much joy up there! Loved your stories. Pictures beautiful… reminiscent of my sister’s home on Lake Anna in the “boonies” of Mineral, VA. I’d love to visit you over a cup (envy your Downton Abbey!) of cocoa/coffee/tea and a macaroon on the porch!! 🙂 Happy blogging!


  4. Gary A. Bennett

    I must admit I was sad to see what I called “1880 house” reduced to rubble back in May when I brought my first tour group down the lake. My guests all enjoyed looking at their photographic gallery during their tour of the old Branch Brothers home.
    Now we must turn the page as history evolves. Congratulations on your new home Linda and I look forward to meeting you.


    1. smedleyman

      Thanks for your comments on the blog.I would be interested in any history or pictures of the house that you might want to share as both my parents are deceased and I have not researched the Branch family. My father bought it in the late 40’s from his uncle Branch and I thought it was built around 1900. Once the new house is finished I will delve into the history. We look forward to meeting you.



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